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Comprehensive patient data at the point-of-care

Medical API

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Metriport brings you data from the largest health information networks in the country, via a single open-source API. Access comprehensive EHR data for your patients in seconds, with FHIR, C-CDA, and PDF formats supported.
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Provider Dashboard

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Leverage Metriport's provider dashboard for streamlined patient medical record access. Gain insights into your patients' health through tools like our PDF converter and FHIR explorer page.

Complete Patient Histories

• Patient medical history
• Conditions
• Medications
• Encounter notes
• Lab results
• Allergies
• Progress notes
• Prescriptions
• Imaging
• Vitals
• Risk assessment
• Family medical history
• & more!
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What our customers are saying

“Working with Metriport is exceptional as they provide engineering and onboarding support, allowing us to quickly automate our patient record retrieval efforts. Metriport has made it significantly easier for Kivo to create a streamlined experience for its physician partners. It’s a total game changer.”

CEO at Kivo Health

“We really liked how straightforward the integration with Metriport was. We were able to get up and running with Webhooks very quickly, and the team was super responsive through the engineering support they provided. We love the API-first, developer-friendly approach Metriport has taken to make healthcare data more accessible.”

CEO at Alfie Health

Integrate in hours, not months

24/7 Support

Get support within minutes, not days. We work around the clock to ensure you get the first-class customer support you deserve.

One Integration

Integrate once with our single API to get the data you need to grow and scale quickly. Avoid wrangling multiple integrations.

Developer Docs

Get everything you need to get up and running in our public docs, from Quickstart guides, to FHIR overview, and more.

Open-Source Code

We're open-source, which means more transparency, reliability, and collaboration than any proprietary alternative.

SDK Packages

Our public developer SDKs allow you to get up and running with Metriport right away, making the integration process with our API seamless.

Dashboard UI

Through the Metriport developer dashboard, you can get access to everything you need in one place: API keys, sandbox, and more.

Why Open-Source?

Because open-source is the future of healthcare technology. Come check out our public Github repo today (and give us a ⭐️), or learn more via our blog.

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See what's under the hood with externally auditable source-code. No more blackboxes!


Stay free of vendor lock-in, always maintaining the ability to self-host our code. Rely on our immortal code, not our business!


Leverage community contributions, or even build your own features on top of our code!

Best-in-Class Security

SOC 2 Type II
HIPAA Compliant
Externally Audited
GDPR Ready

Metriport is externally audited and uses Third Party Standards for automated compliance monitoring. We are a certified HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant organization, and follow best industry-best practices such as MFA.

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