How Alfie Leverages Metriport Data to Power Precision Weight Loss Treatment

  • Alfie Health is a virtual obesity management clinic that helps patients sustainably lose weight.
  • Mission
  • Alfie Health strives to reduce the impact of obesity on the American healthcare ecosystem.
  • Founded
  • 2021
  • Location
  • New York, New York

"Being able to pull comprehensive medical histories for our patients in seconds opens up tons of opportunities for us that weren’t previously possible."

Revolutionary Approach to Weight Loss

Alfie Health is a virtual obesity management clinic which uses its proprietary AI clinical decision support technology to recommend a combination of precision medicine and behavioral change to help patients sustainably lose weight. In addition, Alfie provides ongoing medical supervision and support via regular telehealth visits with trained providers and health coaches.

Challenges Faced

Alfie Health’s AI system, ObesityRx™ utilizes patient medical history, lab data, device data, and clinically validated surveys to create precision weight management treatment recommendations for each patient. Alfie was looking for a solution which could provide device connectivity but also access to streamlined clinical data in order to supplement patient-reported data which may have gaps or not be as accurate as objective measurements. Since Metriport offered not only data from devices, but also access to patient EMR data via HIEs, the combination was exactly what we were looking for.

Unlocking New Opportunities

The integration of Metriport has paved the way for us to achieve more in the future and further Alfie's mission. By swiftly accessing comprehensive medical histories for our patients, we can now unlock numerous opportunities that were previously unattainable.

One of the most crucial benefits is the ability to identify the medications that each patient is currently taking. This information is vital for Alfie's providers and health coaches, as it directly informs the precision weight management treatment recommendations offered to patients. Since integrating, Metriport's data has become indispensable in the pursuit of our goals as a modern obesity management clinic.

Seamless Integration with Minimal Engineering

One of the best about getting started with Metriport was that they offered a no-code dashboard, enabling us to get instant access to full patient clinical histories with no engineering effort required. Within minutes, we were able to register facilities, create patients, and initiate document queries to start pulling live data from the HIEs. This was huge for us, as we were able to get value from the data right away, while continuing to plan out a more long-term integration with the Metriport API directly into our software.

Going forward, we don't see the integration with Metriport's API to require too much heavy lifting, thanks to Metriport's extensive developer documentation and 24/7 engineering support provided along the way!

FHIR Superpowers

Among the elements that we've appreciated the most about using Metriport so far, the FHIR API and FHIR explorer tools are definitely favorites. Since we already had some familiarity with the FHIR format prior to using Metriport, and the fact that Metriport supports FHIR has made this partnership exceptionally beneficial.

Maximizing Potential

Overall, our experience working with the Metriport team has been exemplary. The team has provided weekly syncs and 24/7 engineering support via Slack, ensuring that we fully leverage their tools and get the most out of the data provided through the API and dashboard.

The Future for Alfie

Alfie Health's journey is a testament to the transformative power of innovative technology and strategic partnerships. Through the integration of Metriport's solution, we're not only enhancing patient care but also advancing our mission to reduce the impact of obesity on the American healthcare ecosystem. As Alfie continues to grow and expand its reach, Metriport remains a critical partner in our pursuit of revolutionizing obesity management.

CEO and Co-Founder