Metriport Joins Carequality as an Official Implementor

Metriport Team
March 8, 2024

Metriport is proud to announce that we've become an official implementor of Carequality — the leading interoperability framework that connects health information networks throughout the United States.

Carequality is the go-to source for exchanging clinical data in the country, with over 400,000,000 documents exchanged each month. With implementors like Epic, Surescripts, eHealth Exchange, athenahealth, Nextgen, PointClickCare, and eClinicalWorks, Carequality connects the largest vendors in healthcare today, enabling seamless data exchange to and from clinics, hospitals, and EMRs throughout the country. As of 2024, there are over 600,000 physicians, 50,000 clinics, and 4,200 hospitals integrated into the framework.

What This Means for Metriport Customers

Metriport customers can now connect to Carequality directly, in addition to CommonWell, through a single, open-source integration.

This means two things for our customers:

  1. Greater coverage
    • With Carequality and CommonWell now being direct integrations Metriport supports by default, customers will now get even greater coverage for patient matching and record location. This means more patient lives can be addressed through Metriport's API and dashboard, allowing bidirectional data exchange to even more sources, leading to quicker and higher quality treatment outcomes.
  2. Greater speed
    • Since with Carequality we have full control over record location, we're able to cut down the time it takes to get comprehensive patient data by an order of magnitude. Now it takes mere seconds to do a comprehensive sweep for all of a patient's records across the US, ultimately providing high-quality structured outputs, with medical record summaries.
  3. No single point of failure
    • With the recent outage of Change Healthcare, CommonWell customers have been unable to exchange data for weeks, putting a massive pause on healthcare interoperability in the US. With Carequality direct enabled through Metriport by default, customers will no longer have a single point of failure, being able to access multiple exchanges at once. Furthermore, since Carequality is a peer-to-peer framework and not a single service, the chances of the entire system being down are second to none.

To learn more about the history of Carequality and how it works, check out the post we published back in 2023: What is Carequality?

Getting Connected to Carequality

Metriport customers will now be connected to Carequality by default. If you're not an existing Metriport customer and you want access to Carequality, get in touch with us today to learn how we can get you up and running in no time.

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