How Welld Health Cut Their Integration Costs by Over 75% by Switching to Metriport

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  • Mission
  • Enabling non-traditional healthcare providers (gyms, YMCAs, CBOS) to run effective and successful health programs.
  • Founded
  • 2016
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  • Charlottesville, Virginia

"Building these integrations ourselves would have taken us months, at least! We’re an agile team with a lot of competing priorities, so it was a big relief that Metriport made everything so easy and affordable."

Challenges faced

At Welld, we offer comprehensive wellness programs to our customers, some of which incorporate data from various wearables devices. We accomplished the myriad wearable integrations previously via a different vendor, but the long-term costs per connected user became prohibitive and ended up being hard to justify.

We considered building these integrations ourselves, but we realized that this would take us months, at least, which would have made supporting wearables integration not only time-consuming but, once again, cost-prohibitive. Thankfully, we discovered Metriport, which offered us a cost-effective integration without compromising data quality or customer experience!

Integration experience

The API itself was very easy to integrate with — Metriport’s documentation was very thorough and easy to understand, and the fact that we could test out API calls right from the docs was a great benefit. Metriport’s engineers were also great with responding to our questions quickly, and even rolled out a few new features to enable our specific use case. They set up a shared Slack channel to facilitate communication, prioritizing features as needed that fit our timeline requirements.

Applying the data

Currently, we pull activity data and weight measurements via Metriport. We support all devices that import this data — in our case, Fitbit, Withings, Apple Health, and Google Fit. This data is essential for our flagship program, the National Diabetes Prevention Program, which is Medicare-reimbursable. In response to the COVID public health emergency, Medicare made provisions to allow claims based on device-collected weight measurements, and those provisions have been extended at least through the end of 2027. Having a reliable and cost-effective means to obtain device-validated weight measurements for Medicare claims is highly important.

Data from Metriport’s allows us to facilitate this data collection seamlessly, through a single integration.

Compliance requirements

Since Welld is also SOC-2 Type 2 compliant, it was important for us to work with a vendor that had put in the effort to achieve and maintain that compliance, as well. It gives us great peace of mind knowing our customers’ data is in good hands, at the end of the day.

Another unique thing about us choosing Metriport was the fact that they’re open-source. I’ve always liked the idea of companies being open-source, and Metriport was the first that I got to work with directly. When we requested some changes, they shared the Github PR link so I could easily tell when it had been merged and released. The fact that we could pop into their open-source repo to see what's going on under the hood was huge for us!

The Future for Welld

Switching to Metriport has ultimately allowed us to hire more employees, solidify our infrastructure, and explore other integrations and opportunities.

CTO and Co-Founder