Inside Light-it's Lightning-Fast Proof of Concept with Metriport

  • Light-it is a digital product agency that helps healthcare companies build software that disrupts the industry.
  • Mission
  • To enhance the patient experience with state-of-the-art digital technology to positively impact patient lives.
  • Founded
  • 2019
  • Location
  • Miami, Florida

"Surprisingly, the entire process required only a single developer, who was able to navigate the integration process in under a day."

The Problem

At Light-it, we're a healthcare development agency that empowers digital health startups, clinics, and medtech companies ideate, design, and develop custom web & mobile applications that transform the future of healthcare. One request that we've seen come up again and again from our clients is wearable integrations, and as we strive to further our mission, we set out to look for a solution that would allow us to amplify the capabilities of our applications.

Thankfully, we came across Metriport at the right time, which allowed us to integrate with all the major wearable providers out there — such as Garmin, Fitbit, Oura, and more — seamlessly, through a single integration.

Integration Process

When it came to integrating with Metriport's API, our experience was very smooth and straightforward. The developer documentation was not only comprehensive but also presented in a well-structured manner, which allowed us to navigate each step with clarity and precision.

Surprisingly, the entire process required only a single developer, who was able to navigate the integration process in under a day. This really showcased the efficiency and user-friendliness of Metriport's entire integration process. To be able to count on documentation like this for something as complex as wearable integrations was a truly rewarding experience for our technical team.

Proof of Concept

For the proof-of-concept, we harnessed Metriport's capabilities to integrate a Garmin watch through the API. This allowed us to seamlessly synchronize data between the Garmin device and our application, which we then used to power beautiful data visualizations. Metriport's standardization of this data made the visualization process effortless, allowing us to focus on building our app.


With Metriport's API at our disposal, we now can connect to an array of devices including Garmin, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Oura, Withings, and more. The meticulous detailing of the compatibility list in Metriport's documentation further simplifies the process. By tapping into the data collected by these devices, Metriport provides us with a foundation for endless possibilities in healthcare development.

This tool is set to be an invaluable asset for our upcoming projects that involve the integration of mobile health devices, particularly the latest smartwatches.

We look forward to helping new companies grow by allowing them to get a clearer picture of their patients’ health information, leveraging Metriport's technology with our specialized development services.